A Letter to Everyone

To all who contribute to this company: This company is truly a sum of its parts. Each and every one of you has had an integral role in building the …

Jack McGraw

Who is Jack McGraw?

Jack McGraw is an Irishman, a grandfather, a twin, a devout Catholic, and a policy pioneer who has paved his own path in the insurance industry. Born and raised in …

Power to Producers

Power to Producers

Plug into more resources and ease-of-use from Pacific Specialty. Discover a different kind of insurance company, bringing new opportunity to all Producers. Independents. Captives. Pacific Specialty will help power you to the next level. And you’ll see how we make it happen during this exclusive webinar.

AM Best affirms ‘A’ Rating (Excellent) for Pacific Specialty

Pacific Specialty Insurance Company has received affirmation of an ‘A’ rating (Excellent) from A.M. Best, the world leader in assessing the financial strength of insurance companies. The official affirmation also comes with a “stable” outlook for Pacific Specialty Insurance Company, Pacific Specialty Property and Casualty Company, and the Pacific Specialty Insurance Group.