Earth, Wind, and Wildfires

Earth, Wind, and Wildfires


Earth, Wind, and WildfiresLast year, we recounted the incredible work of our claims team during the Santa Rosa fires. If you haven’t had a chance to read this feature, be sure to check it out here. 

Since then, California has been plagued with wildfire after wildfire, resulting in a year of loss, catastrophe, and – with the help of our Claims team – comfort in rebuilding. 

The most recent Carr Fire gave our Claims department another opportunity to step up to the plate and be a resource for producers and individuals impacted by the flames. The majority of the fire devastation took place between July 26th – 28th and our Marketing Reps, Adjusters, and other team members got right to work, expediting claims and proactively reaching out to people in need of assistance.

One particular member of our Claims team, Chelsy Bell, took on a leadership role during this trying time, having been a crucial asset to the PSIC team during both the Santa Rosa and Ventura fires. Chelsy’s goal was to make the claims process as efficient and seamless as possible, so as to avoid adding any additional stress to producers and insureds coping with various levels of loss. Chelsy and the Claims team made a point to contact those impacted to make sure they had a handle on their claim, had a place to stay, and to answer any questions they may have about the process of rebuilding. Virtually all loss of use claims were paid out by August 2nd or 3rd, which is a testament to not only Chelsy and her team of Claims Adjusters including Jacquelin Her, but also to those on the ground going door-to-door and checking in on policyholders, like field adjuster Eric Heldt.

I was proud to be able to provide a silver lining and hope to customers. Being able to be that helping hand made putting in the extra time and expediting all processes well worth it,” says Chelsy. “We altered our process to fit the needs of our customers, going above and beyond to be a resource for these individuals.”

Nobody ever thinks they are going to have to use their insurance until, of course, they do. Most people don’t think about all of potential losses that can result from unforeseen circumstances. Food spoiling from a power outage, having to eat out or purchase necessities after a house fire, needing to rent a place until permanent accommodations can be procured – these are all things that we at PSIC incorporate into the bigger picture when it comes to our policies. And that is why we are so well-equipped to provide assistance when disaster strikes. 

The positive feedback we received about the hard work of our Claims department during this past year has been a tremendous reinforcement that we have a dedicated and talented team who are willing to prioritize the needs of clients in times of turmoil. For this, we thank them!