Choosing a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy


Additional personal liability coverage that may be limited by your primary homeowner’s, motorcycle and boat insurance policies.

  1. Why Personal Umbrella Insurance?

    If an unfortunate event occurs that puts your assets at risk, you are going to want an umbrella insurance policy that will stand behind you in your time of need. Here at Pacific Specialty Insurance Company, we aim to do just that.

  2. Umbrella Insurance Coverage Considerations

    Most home and auto insurance policies offer maximum liability limits of $500,000. If you are sued for causing serious injury or damage to another, the cost of those injuries or property damage, along with the cost of defending yourself in court, could quickly exceed the limits of your home or other insurance policy, exposing your personal assets to loss. An umbrella policy can help protect your assets and prevent financial hardship.

  3. Discounts and Payment Options

    Our personal umbrella policy offers you additional liability protection up to $2 million over your home, auto, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, water craft, rental and seasonal home policies to protect your assets and family. And with a multi-policy discount on your Pacific Specialty Insurance Company home policy, our Umbrella coverage practically pays for itself.


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