Protection for more
of your everyday life.


How to Protect Your Home, Wherever You Live

  • Homeowners

    Protection for your home and belongings if the unexpected strikes. Safeguard yourself with coverage from Pacific Specialty Insurance Company.

  • Renters

    Insuring your valuables from a range of unexpected events like theft, fire and more.

  • Condo / Townhouse

    Specialized property and liability protection for your belongings that works with your associations master policy.

  • Mobile Home

    Safeguard your mobile or manufactured home from damage or loss.

  • Earthquake

    Supplement your regular homeowners insurance to provide complete protection.

  • Flood

    Protecting your dwelling and personal property from water damage due to flood


How to Protect Your Toys, Wherever You Go With Them

  • Motorcycle – Street

    Comprehensive and collision coverage – genuine insurance for real riders.

  • Off-Road / ATV

    Protection for your off-road toys, including accessories coverage.

  • Boat

    Keeping your boat in the water with the highest level of tailored protection.

  • Personal Watercraft

    Reliable, trustworthy and affordable insurance for your personal watercraft.


Protection Above Your Existing Policy

  • Personal Umbrella

    Protect your assets with liability protection up to $2 million over your home or vehicle policy.

  • Comprehensive Personal Liability

    For policies that may not provide any liability coverage like a typical home policy does. In this case, you need a special liability policy.