Let's Get Digital

Let’s Get Digital


Let's Get DigitalCyber security is one of the largest trends in the insurance industry today. People need just as much protection from the internet as they do from the outdoor elements. The industry is responding to this growing need by implementing protocols and policies to offer protection for consumer’s privacy.

We, at Pacific Specialty Insurance Company, have responded to this need by putting together a comprehensive Cyber and Security coverage offering. This optional coverage can be added to your clients’ Homeowners policy and has been designed for individuals and families. 

Cyber insurance for Homeowners protects against a wide range of personal cyber risks, including compromised data, damage to software and operating systems, malware attacks, online fraud, and more. Our combined suite of coverages offer protection in the event of computer attacks, cyber extortion and online fraud. 

With this new policy option, we can assist in the removal of malware and the reprogramming of compromised computers, tablets, Wi-Fi routers and other internet access points. This coverage can provide for the restoration of home system devices connected to the internet, including smartphones, thermostats, “smart” appliances and security and monitoring systems. To supplement this, we can also provide professional assistance on how to respond to a ransomware attack and even help with the payment of a cyber ransom based on circumstances. 

This is a unique coverage option that provides an individual with peace of mind, knowing that their digital footprint has reliable protection.

To learn more about this new & innovative Pacific Specialty Insurance Company coverage, please contact Nathan Edwards at nedwards@pacificspecialty.com or call us directly at (800) 303-5000. Ask us today if the Cyber Liability Program is available in your region.

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