We Will Do Better!

We Will Do Better!

We Will Do Better!It has been a year of change, and challenge. I believe a big part of being a leader is acknowledging these challenges and identifying when there is room for improvement. And simply put, I don’t believe that we lived up to our full potential in 2019. I am here to say, we can do better and we WILL do better.

When my dad started this company, he built it from the ground up to put the needs of our producers and customers first, as well as cultivate an internal atmosphere where our employees can thrive. Over the past year, we have settled into our new office – a morale booster and a well-deserved upgrade for our employees. We have also implemented a new phone system, called the “First Call Resolution”, to improve customer service, wait times, and overall communication with those who rely on us. We are conducting additional training for approximately 35-40 employees this month to assist with these efforts, so we are confident we will continue to see improvement. 

While we are moving in the right direction, we will continue to strive for improvement. This is just one of many internal updates we are conducting to make your job easier. Another is the upgrading of our producer policy portal, which includes a full system overhaul to expedite processes and create a convenient, user-friendly platform which provides instant quotes and allows changes to be made to policies in real time. We created this system with YOU in mind and we are excited to see how it streamlines processes. 

With these upgrades, changes, and adjustments, there has been a substantial learning curve and adjustment period. And we thank you for sticking with us through this time. We have heard you. We have heard your concerns and your criticisms. We promise to dedicate this next year to address these issues. We will listen closer and ask the right questions. We have high expectations for Pacific Specialty Insurance Company, as did my father, Jack McGraw. With customer service at the forefront and convenience in mind, we will continue to make the improvements necessary to ensure your trust in us and prove Pacific Specialty Insurance Company as YOUR preferred insurance provider. 

I don’t see admitting faults as a weakness. On the contrary, actually, I think knowing your weaknesses means you can turn them into strengths. This year has seen its share of successes but has also been humbling. There have been ups and downs; now the real work starts, as we have pinpointed places where we can and will improve. That is my promise to you.

Thank you, again, for sticking with us and we look forward to a prosperous 2020!

Mike McGraw