Steady as She Goes

Steady as She Goes

While we ended 2017 with gratitude on the closing quarter, we start 2018 with excitement for the upcoming year. A lot of new innovation is on the horizon with a leadership team that is equipped to make sure this company is reaching its vast potential. Each year brings new challenges and we welcome such adversity so we can improve ourselves to better serve our fellow co-workers, agents, and policyholders.

2017 was a year of growth. It was a year of turbulent waters; however, despite the rough seas, we weathered the storm. The insurance industry experienced countless trials and tribulations throughout this past year. From hurricanes to floods to fires, people depended on their coverage during these times of devastation. People relied on their policies to recover and rebuild. Pacific Specialty was there for our insureds when they needed us and will continue to provide the same quality coverage and care that it has for the past 3 decades into 2018 and beyond. 2017 has not deterred us from writing policies in areas deemed too high-risk by other companies. We will continue to support our customers in Northern California, Southern California, Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona and beyond – because everyone deserves the right to property, powersport, and personal liability protection.

Pacific Specialty has an impressive track record when it comes to loyalty. After Proposition 103 passed in November of 1988, many insurance companies were discouraged and limited eligible policy areas. Pacific Specialty did just the opposite. In 1989, Pacific Specialty continued to support its policyholders even after the Loma Prieta earthquake severely damaged the infrastructure of San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and the Monterey Bay regions. In 2012, Pacific Specialty continued to offer coverage in New Jersey and Connecticut even after these areas were ravaged by Superstorm Sandy. The El Niño Winter Storms of 2016 did not disrupt our ability to write policies and process claims. This year brought Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the California fires in Sonoma County, Napa County and Southern California. And again, Pacific Specialty continued to cover losses and cut checks to those who have entrusted us with their insurance needs.

Pacific Specialty is and remains steady as she goes. We will continue to offer premiere coverage and new products aimed to make the policy process more convenient, quick and cost-effective. We are reliable. We are accountable.  We are your neighborhood business with a national reach. We are the guys our customers and agents can count on.

In the words of my father, the founder of this great company, we will continue to do business one policy at a time…

Here’s to a great 2018,
Your CEO and Friend Mike McGraw