One Inc. x PSIC Partnership

One Inc. x PSIC Partnership

One Inc. x PSIC PartnershipPacific Specialty Insurance Company is pleased to announce their partnership with One Inc, a digital payments platform provider aimed to enhance overall payment experience by moving to a single inbound/outbound payments platform. This will positively impact Pacific Specialty Insurance Company’s premium payments and claims disbursements, allowing customers to access and store payment preferences for both premiums and claims in one secure location. 

“Pacific Specialty Insurance Company has consistently put their policyholders first for over 30 years,” says Christopher W. Ewing, president and CEO of One Inc. “By consolidating premiums and claims payments, they will be able to continue providing a superior customer experience throughout the payment process. We look forward to a long and collaborative partnership with the team at Pacific Specialty Insurance Company moving forward.” 

The platform itself is geared toward the insurance industry and tailored to the needs of Pacific Specialty Insurance Company. Functions include simplified reporting, multi-payee capabilities, and vendor onboarding. This is a multifaceted implementation that will provide added convenience and efficiency for insurers, insureds, and vendors. 

“We’re excited to partner with One Inc. as this reflects our investment to our customers and producers alike to provide a faster, easier, and most secure payment experience,” says Andrew Childs, Vice President of Procurement. “This partnership contemplates incoming and outgoing payments serving to reduce time, optimize web-based transactions, provide important notifications, and boost our business to the speed that our customers and producers expect. This is a great suite of enhancements and we look forward to our future with One Inc.” 

The partnership with One Inc. will begin to be implemented in early December. To learn more, check out the press release put out by One Inc. announcing this new addition to Pacific Specialty Insurance Company’s system.