The Founder's Award

Now Presenting: The Founder’s Award

The Founder's AwardAt Pacific Specialty Insurance Company, we are always looking for ways to honor exemplary employees for their dedication to their work, their peers, and the company as a whole – therefore, we’re proud to present the Founder’s Award. The award exemplifies the spirit and work ethic of our founders, Jack and Joan McGraw, and acknowledges our standout employees for going above and beyond.

Pacific Specialty Insurance Company employees nominated their fellow peers for consideration. The criteria for nomination are a person who embodies the fundamental values of the company, produces quality work and consistently displays characteristics valued and appreciated by coworkers.

These individuals must be a reliable compass continually pointing the company in the direction of its goals and aspirations. To be considered, the nominee should exhibit on-the-job performance that fulfills the four pillars that make up the company’s core values. These pillars include:

Family: This pillar represents employees that treat their coworkers with appreciation and respect, as well as positive personalities that are open to teamwork, mentoring and advising coworkers.

Home: This pillar exemplifies caring employees that work to create a positive environment in the workplace. This may include group activities, general inclusiveness or representing the company in a positive light.

Profitability: This pillar is founded on innovation by an employee to make processes and procedures better at the company. As such, employees should embrace and support growth opportunities.

Trust: This pillar pertains to a reliable employee that exceeds expectations and is accountable to coworkers, as well as the company as a whole.

Nominations were submitted earlier this summer and winners have been chosen. These individuals will be announced internally this month and highlighted in the October newsletter. Be sure to check out their feature!