Anaheim Office

Mid-Year Review with Mike McGraw

Anaheim OfficeThis year we have continued to grow and settle into our stride with our incredible new office space, internal updates, technological advancements, and the steady work ethic of our employees. We are over halfway through 2019 and are still full steam ahead on assessing and improving every aspect of our business. As I have previously stated, our goal is to remain steady as she goes – as in, we want to continue to be a company our producers and customers can rely on. In doing so, we want to hear from you. I am always open to feedback, suggestions, and constructive yet honest critiques so that we can fulfill the needs of agents and clients alike. 

Change can sometimes be hard but it is necessary for a company to constantly evolve to reflect the industry and the growing needs of customers. We have embraced change and change has been a huge part of our platform over this past year. But with change, we still want to remain the company you know and have done business with over the years. We are learning to toe the delicate line of positive progression yet maintaining our core values. For a refresher on what those are, below is a summary:

1) Family: We support and respect each other, we are a family. We are able to rely on one another and lean on each other for support in good times and bad. We want to see everyone excel and share in the success of others. We help each other, we are resources for our peers.

2) Home: We are your home away from home and will be there when you need us most. This year we got a new home in our brand new office space. This is a safe, collaborative space for employees to express themselves freely in a respectful manner.

3) Profitability: Sustainability is key. All of the changes implemented over the past year have been made with this in mind. We measure strategic growth with ultimate financial impact. We never act with greed but need to be profitable to take care of our families.

4) Trust: We evoke a sense of trust within our corporate walls and to the outside world. We trust in our producers, our producers trust in us. We need to maintain this balance. This trust is both implicit and explicit.

The insurance industry is experiencing some much needed updates and it is our duty to embrace these changes and make sure anyone we do business with is aware and has the proper channels to adopt these changes as well. So, while we continue to change (along with this industry), we promise to stay true to our foundation and be the company that our producers, agents, and customers have trusted for over three decades.