Choosing a Renters Insurance Policy


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    If your laptop, clothes, or even your bike are stolen or ruined by fire, your landlord isn’t going to pay to replace it; but we could. Renters insurance is the cheap way to protect your bank account if the worst should occur.

    1. Why Renters Insurance?

      Don’t fall into the trap of not insuring where you live simply because you don’t own the property! While your landlord likely has insurance on the building, it is unlikely to cover accidents or the items inside your apartment or home.

    2. Protecting Your Personal Property & Assets

      Our Renters insurance policies have special coverage options that grant Replacement Cost Coverage on your personal belongings. And, if you have special items like jewelry, you can add extra coverage for those high-value items that would be devastating to lose. Our Renters policy also provides important liability protection should a guest get injured in your apartment or rental unit.

    3. Renters Insurance Discounts

      We offer various discount opportunities designed to provide our policyholders the best Renters insurance rates possible. Our rates are already competitive, but you can save even more money if you’ve had nine months prior insurance with us or another carrier or by taking advantage of our multi-policy discounts.

    4. Payment Flexibility

      Would you prefer your deductible to be $500 or $5,000? Would you like to pay in full or use 3-, 5- or 11-pay plans? With our personalized Renters policies, you can select the price and billing plan that best suits your own needs and budget.


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