Cyber Security Comes to California

Cyber Security Comes to California

Cyber Security Comes to CaliforniaWe are proud to introduce Home Cyber Protection Coverage for California homeowners effective 7/23/20. For an additional $38 per year, California residents will have the option to add this protection program onto their existing homeowner policy. Check out our feature on protecting your digital property from last month’s newsletter.

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Did you know? If an insured purchases Pacific Specialty Insurance Company’s Premier or Ultra Premier Packages for homeowners insurance in California or the Preferred Package in Connecticut or New Jersey, Service Line coverage is included. This is extraordinary when it comes to insurance offerings and is just the kind of comprehensive coverage you can expect from us and our 40 years of experience in this industry. If an insured purchases a standard homeowners insurance policy, they have the ability to add Service Line coverage onto their policy for a small additional premium.

Service line coverage is important as it provides protection from an unexpected loss caused by a service line failure. This sometimes unforeseen and costly exposure is not covered under most homeowners insurance policies, and most homeowners do not realize they may be responsible for the underground service lines from the street to their home. This product protects the homeowners by extending coverage for damage to underground piping or wiring that connects a home to a public utility service provider or to a private system.

“Even Mike Rowe knows the importance of Service Line Coverage”

When people buy a car, they check under the hood. When people buy a house, they should do the same. First time and veteran homeowners alike can agree that buying a home is a big decision and protecting that house is paramount to a new homeowner’s piece of mind. This is why Pacific Specialty Insurance Company prides itself on offering specialty protection policies to make sure agents are able to offer their clients the type of coverage they need and deserve. And a coverage option that truly sets us apart is our Service Line coverage.

[For more information, check out our Service Line Coverage Flyer.

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