2020 California Program Changes

2020 California Program Changes

As always, it is our top priority to keep you informed. We strive to ensure the lines of communication remain open and honest at all times to better serve you. In keeping with this spirit, we would like to summarize the program changes to new and renewal business that impact California insurance agents.

California Dwelling Fire Program

The broad strokes of this change include an overall rate increase of 5% and a new minimum dwelling limit of $120,000. The underwriting guidelines have undergone some subtle adjustments as well as the introduction of a Premier package and an Ultra Premier package. We have also added the ability to add on Replacement Cost coverage and Home Cyber Protection coverage. These changes were effective 5/3/2020. To learn more about the updates to this program, please visit this page.

California Manufactured Home Program

Changes to this program include an overall 4% rate decrease as well as adjustments to the maximum dwelling limits and underwriting guidelines. Like the California Dwelling Fire Program, there will be the option to add-on Equipment Breakdown coverage and Home Cyber Protection coverage, as well as Identity Theft with credit monitoring. This coverage opportunity now features a Premier package option and all the details can be found here. These changes are effective 5/5/2020.

California HO-4 (Renters) Program

Outlined here, you can find all of the changes being made to our Renters insurance program for the state of California, effective 5/4/2020. There is a 22% rate decrease, additional fees, removal of annual minimum premium, added new coverages, as well as a 3% inflation guard which will allow Coverage C to go over the $100k max upon renewal. Once again, see complete details here.

California HO-6 (Unit-Owners) Program

Effective 4/29/2020, producers can expect an overall 4.6% rate increase on our California HO-6 program. Service fees have been adjusted and the $100 annual minimum premium has been removed. A Preferred package option has been added, which includes Identity Theft coverage, Equipment Breakdown coverage, and a $100,000 Personal Injury coverage. These coverage options can also be added a la carte to the basic HO-6 program. These changes will include increased maximum limits to allow for inflation guard. Review all details here.